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Transform your design workflow with cloud collaboration

Revolutionize your design process with LucidLink’s cloud-based collaboration. Access, share, and edit large design files in real time, no matter where you are. Streamline your creative workflow and bring your designs to life with unprecedented efficiency.

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Empower your creative vision with seamless design collaboration

LucidLink redefines the design process, offering designers and creative teams the ability to work together seamlessly on large files. With real-time access and collaboration, the design creative process becomes more fluid, efficient, and boundless.

Instant access to large design files

Break free from the constraints of file size and location. With LucidLink, instantly access and work on large design files from anywhere, enhancing flexibility and creative freedom.

Enhanced design collaboration

Foster a collaborative creative environment regardless of physical location. LucidLink enables real-time feedback and editing among design teams, streamlining the design process and enhancing team synergy.

Efficient design workflow management

Manage your design projects more efficiently with LucidLink. Keep all your assets and projects organized and accessible, ensuring a smooth workflow from concept to completion.

Collaboration workflows

Collaborate on layouts, brochures, and digital publications in real-time, ensuring a cohesive and efficient design process.

LucidLink has changed the way we can access our files. Although we are all remote, now the experience is like being in the office.

Noel O’Connor,
Founder & Creative Director, Emperor

We now know content is controlled in one centralized platform – that means our teams can integrate far more, people can pick things up wherever they are, and nothing is siloed.

James Hakesley,
Co-founder & CEO, CUBE Studio

Remote, hybrid and teams in multiple offices enjoy secure file collaboration

Cloud as local drive

Imagine: the infinite possibilities of the cloud, but with the simplicity of a hard drive. Cloud technology is at last warm and fuzzy.

Just add LucidLink

No barriers to entry. Nothing new to learn. Known and familiar experiences that you choose for your team.