LucidLink Features

Your files, at your fingertips, freaky fast

Instantly, and we mean instantly, access your data regardless of its format or size. Collaborate with your team across any distance, without downloading, syncing or overhauling your systems.

You’re in good company

This is how you do it

Fast and simple upload

Get your files into your filepace with an easy drag & drop into your folder. Start working in a blink of a butterfly's eye with LucidLink's unlimited file upload speed.

Easily give access

As soon as you grant permissions to your teammates, they can immediately start using your shared files and projects. This is what we call true collaboration.

Work from anywhere

At home, at the studio or on set, access your always-updated files from any location. Yes, Bali and yes, Brazil. You are finally able to board a flight without a carry on full of external drives.

Bring everyone onboard

When the time comes and you decide your team can't live without it, LucidLink can scale effortlessly adapting to any size or type of team imaginable.

Features for every type of team

Cloud as local drive

Imagine: the infinite possibilities of the cloud, but with the simplicity of a local drive. Cloud technology is at last warm and fuzzy.

Just add LucidLink

Supercharge the tools you already use by seamlessly integrating LucidLink into your workflow. You’ll fall in love with us immediately, then we’ll disappear into the background so you can get back to work. 

A powerful new way to collaborate with remote teams using Adobe Team Projects and Premiere Pro Productions, create After Effects compositions in your Filespace and instantly link them into a Premiere Pro sequence. No sweat. 

LucidLink for Enterprise

Powering major studios, agencies and Fortune 500 companies

Access Management

With LucidLink, you have complete control over who has access to what. Instantly grant and revoke permissions to any folder at any time. Just remember what they say, with great power comes great responsibility.

Zero-knowledge encryption

Your confidence in our security is always priority #1. That’s why you’re guaranteed total protection with unbreakable encryption, keeping your files secure from unauthorized viewing. Feel great knowing, neither LucidLink, nor the object storage provider can see the content your team generates, at any time, for any reason.

Built for scale

Gigabytes, terabytes, petabytes. We handle all the bytes. LucidLink scales efficiently with your storage and user needs as your team and business grow. All without disruptions or distractions. You have endless scrolling for that.  

Designed to increase productivity for teams everywhere

Instant access to shared files

Quick turnarounds and massive file sizes are no problem. Now, you can access and work on updated projects in real time, without twiddling your thumbs while you sync or download.

Work together while working from anywhere

Start using new assets and access project changes the very moment your teammates save them in your shared filespace. So you can all work seamlessly from anywhere.

Feel secure in our security

Feel confident that your sensitive data and IP are always confidential. Our Zero-Knowledge encryption guarantees you and you alone have access to your files.

Just add LucidLink

No barriers to entry. Nothing new to learn. Known and familiar experiences that you choose for your team.