Video teams

Video collaboration, streamlined. Simple.

Harness the power of a global talent pool, consolidate your systems and stop wasting finite minutes downloading giant video files. Collaborate on video projects in real-time. 

You're in good company

Start to finish, faster

Start working ASAP with instant access to any project so you can always pick up where someone else left off. Take your project from a shoot in London to an edit house in LA to a pizza lunch in NYC, all in a single afternoon.

No need to 'fix' what's already working

We work seamlessly with the programs you already use so that your team can focus on big ideas and not big software annoyances.

Syncing media is so last year

Collaborate on video projects while working from anywhere without feeling like you are further than a desk away. Start using new footage, edits and project updates as soon as they are saved in your shared filespace. A real game changer when you’re in the zone.

Goodbye final_approved_revised_approvedFINAL files forever

LucidLink means no more working in the wrong version, relinking media or spending hours deleting duplicate data. Our shared storage means that you can focus on making the best creative, in the correct project file, always.

Our favorite video collaboration coworkers

Collaborate on video projects with your remote team using Adobe Team Projects and Premiere Pro Productions. Sounds like a pro on the pros and cons list. Wink, wink.

What customers are saying

Using LucidLink for our shared storage eliminated that headache and allowed us to focus on the creative aspects of editing rather than the tedious parts of media management.

Joanna Naugle,
Film & TV Editor, The Bear

We use LucidLink — a product I literally can’t shut up about. Our whole company can collaborate in real-time from anywhere in the world, off the cloud, as if they were connected to a local server.

Brian Sanford,
Director of Post Production, Versus

Features for every type of team

Cloud as local drive

Imagine: the infinite possibilities of the cloud, but with the simplicity of a local drive. Cloud technology is at last warm and fuzzy.

Just add LucidLink

No barriers to entry. Nothing new to learn. Known and familiar experiences that you choose for your team.