Absolute enterprise security

With zero-knowledge encryption and precise access controls at scale, your content is always safe, making both creatives and IT admins happy.

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For your eyes only

Zero-knowledge encryption means your privacy is our first priority. Your team will always be the only ones able to decrypt and access data. No one outside your organization will ever be able to see it. 

Exclusive, in a good way

With LucidLink you can grant and revoke permissions to any folder in real time. Centralized user management and SSO integration gives you the flexibility you need without compromising the security you can’t live without. 

Ultimate data protection for your projects

Rest easy knowing your data is completely easy to recover in the event of ransomware or accidental deletions. You can always recover previous versions of folders in a heartbeat.

We do the most

Doing the bare minimum isn’t in our nature. Learn more about our commitment to highest data security and privacy standards.

SOC 2 Type 2

A rigorous and comprehensive audit framework designed to demonstrate an organization’s investment and commitment to security by achieving compliance with AICPA Trust Service Criteria.


A compliance framework comprising a series of diverse security assessments to demonstrate LucidLink’s alignment to the media and entertainment industry.

SOC 2 Type 1

Similar to Type 2, Type 1 demonstrates a thorough compliance with AICPA Trust Service Criteria at any specific point in time.


A comprehensive regulation developed by the European Union to put consumer privacy first, and institute standards for any business or organization that handles personal data.

Creatives create.
We’ll handle the security.

LucidLink customers are at least 5 times more confident in their data security since using LucidLink.

Customers trust us with their content, and using LucidLink, took away all the worry. With LucidLink, I know that all the data is secure and accounted for, and only the right people that are supposed to have access to it are looking at it. We control who needs the media and for how long.

Luke Hatfield,
Group Head of Sound, Vaudeville

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