A filespace
that flexes

LucidLink is your all-in-one solution for large, diverse teams across various offices, hybrid or remote settings. We fit right into your existing infrastructure without big changes or overhauls.

When it comes to your business, we mean business

Max out team production

Empowering enterprises with tools that increase efficiency, collaboration and security, LucidLink helps large teams work better no matter where they sit (or stand depending on work preference).

Collaborate everywhere, instantly & securely

Bring the best talent to your project. With robust security protocols, like zero-knowledge encryption, you’ll know your data is 100% protected no matter what timezone your teammates are in. Your files are never readable to anyone but you and your team.

Secure access control

With LucidLink's access management, you have complete control over who can view and edit data. Tailor folder permissions to suit your organization's needs, ensuring sensitive information remains secure.

Permissions control

Manage user permissions effectively to maintain data integrity and security. Completely customize access to sensitive information, making sure only the right eyes see it.

Flexible and effortlessly integrated.
Just bring LucidLink.

Scalable solutions for growing teams

LucidLink adapts to your enterprise, supporting unlimited storage, directories, file numbers, file sizes and users.

Enterprise-grade security

Relax with LucidLink's enterprise-grade security measures including advanced encryption and comprehensive compliance standards.

Simplified IT management

Give IT a hand with LucidLink’s streamlined cloud solutions, enhancing efficiency and reducing overhead (and headaches).

What customers are saying

Based on the increased productivity, flexibility and agility that hybrid workflows bring to our creative collaboration, LucidLink is now underpinning our entire business approach. -

Omer Mushahwar,
CTO, Torti Gallas

LucidLink acts like a local drive, but the data is actually situated in the cloud and accessed on-demand instantly. This means huge time efficiency savings on every aspect of your workflow.

Kevin Luttman ,
Content Management Lead, Shopify

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