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The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse
Customer story

LucidLink connects collaborators for Oscar-winning glory

The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse won the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film using LucidLink for remote creative collaboration

19 April 2024, 4 mins read

WebMD logo
Customer story

WebMD | Medscape uses LucidLink to streamline global media workflows 

“LucidLink has allowed us to get back up to speed and continue to output high-quality productions. It has helped us become more efficient than ever, even as we increase the number of programs produced,” said Zachary Bennett, Executive Director, WebMD. 

18 April 2024, 5 mins read

Vuela logo
Customer story

Vuela embraces virtual post operations with LucidLink

“We immediately tested LucidLink and it just worked brilliantly straight away. It quickly became a standard part of our service.”

18 April 2024, 4 mins read

Vice logo
Customer story

VICE Media diversifies post production model with LucidLink

Business continuity during the pandemic evolves into a global, future-proofed workflow, speeding edit times and slashing inefficiency with LucidLink

18 April 2024, 6 mins read

Vaudeville Sound Group logo
Customer story

Vaudeville Sound Group centralizes and secures media for a distributed audio post using LucidLink

Vaudeville needed a system where everyone had access to the latest project file version to ensure that all talent working from different locations could easily collaborate on the same project. Additionally, they did not want team projects existing on local computers. This created additional security risks. “I didn’t think there was anything that could do that,” says Hatfield. “Then we found LucidLink.”

18 April 2024, 5 mins read

Torti Gallas logo
Customer story

Torti Gallas + Partners creates a blueprint for AEC collaboration with LucidLink

“The decision to go with LucidLink was a no-brainer,” says Mushahwar. “Importantly, the end-user saw no difference in the application they were accessing. The only change they experienced was a leap forward in speed.”

18 April 2024, 6 mins read

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LucidLink acts like a local drive, but the data is actually situated in the cloud and accessed on-demand instantly. This means huge time efficiency savings on every aspect of our workflow.

Brian DiLorenzo,
Senior Technical Engineer

We use LucidLink — a product I literally can’t shut up about. Our whole company can collaborate in real-time from anywhere in the world, off the cloud, as if they were connected to a local server.

Brian Sanford,
Director of Post Production

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