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Stay connected with your team in real time without wasting hours downloading and syncing. LucidLink changes the way you work together without changing the way you work.

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Instant access to shared files

Quick turnarounds and massive file sizes are no problem. Now, you can access and work on updated projects in real time, without twiddling your thumbs while you sync or download. It may seem like magic but it's actually just well, yeah... it's pretty much magic.

Work together while working from anywhere

Start using new assets and access project changes the very moment your teammates save them in your shared filespace. So you can all work seamlessly from literally anywhere. OK, except maybe underwater.

Unmatched commitment to security

LucidLink stands alone in offering Zero-Knowledge encryption, ensuring that only you can access your files. With our proprietary technology, we guarantee that your data remains private— we won’t know anything about your files, not even their names.

Work smarter, think bigger

Video collaboration

Experience a shared drive, over any distance, in real time, without having to change your favorite editing tools and folder structures.

Eliminate the need for relinking media and resolving version conflicts, which in turn eliminates the need to pull your own hair out.

Lightning fast and super simple

Imagine the ease of a local drive combined with the power of the cloud. LucidLink works seamlessly with the creative applications you already use so there’s nothing new to learn. No syncing. No downloading. Large files? No problem. 

Designed for scale

If you are looking for an incredibly robust enterprise solution that facilitates efficient collaboration across various departments and global locations...look no further.

LucidLink scales effortlessly with any and all team and file sizes and has advanced security protocols and extensive admin control.

Unleash your team’s potential

See how teams around the world use LucidLink to be more productive, stay connected and ultimately produce their best creative work.

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